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Thread: Set path

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    Susan Guest

    Set path

    I am running Win Me
    How do I set path to run Java (jdk1.3.1_03).
    As I understand I set in autoexec.bat, but it seems not work.
    I don't understand why.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
    Best Regards,

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    MarkN Guest

    Re: Set path

    How are you using the JDK? Command line or IDE? I usually set it in my bat
    file or some sort of script file. I never depend on global settings for
    path and classpath - or the registry (if I can help it). It is more pain
    than it is worth, which doesn't take much. To top it off, Win9X (includes
    ME) has smaller limitations on the path and classpath lengths. I use W2k
    and it can take larger values - I ran out of room with those.

    "Susan" <java.@> wrote:
    >I am running Win Me
    >How do I set path to run Java (jdk1.3.1_03).
    >As I understand I set in autoexec.bat, but it seems not work.
    >I don't understand why.
    >Any help is greatly appreciated!!
    >Best Regards,

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