It sounds easy but it ain't...

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Thread: It sounds easy but it ain't...

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    It sounds easy but it ain't...

    I am basically a part of a team that has to create a christmas card in Java and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions where to start.

    We know what components we want (a snowman, christmas tree and a couple of presents with some snow flakes (circles) in the background. It's just a matter of creating methods to build them according to user specs stored in a txt file, and then display them in an applet window.

    I know I'm asking alot, but I just need a few pointers not a total solution (unless you've got one )

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    Nov 2002

    Simple... if your smart enough

    First of all you need to make a couple of decisions, and these will send you on the right track. Remember, Java applets cannot read a users file system without being digitally signed, so if you are deadset on an applet with user specs, rely on Param tags. Now, in the case that you do want text files, you can store them on your computer and simply write a server that connects to yoru computer, reads the file and sends the data back across a stream. Even that is not that complicated.

    Before that, you need to decide EXACTLY what you want the card to be. From those couple of things you will start to see pattens fall into place, and the project won't seem as daunting.

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