Hi Group,

I am having small diffucilty while deploying standalone application.
I have a simple application which needed jakarta ORB jar file for pattern
I have bundle jakarta-oro-2.0.7-dev-1.jar jar file along my jar file.
ie. jakarta-oro-2.0.7-dev-1.jar is added to rtdemo.OlsenJssh-1a.jar

The MANIFIEST.MF entries for the jar file are
Manifest-Version: 1.0

Created-By: ketan
Built-By: ketan
Main-Class: jssh.SSHClient
Class-Path: jakarta-oro-2.0.7-dev-1.jar

Name: jssh/SSHClient
Specification-Title: Olsen
Specification-Version: 1a
Specification-Vendor: Olsen Data
Implementation-Title: Olsen Data
Implementation-Version: 1a
Implementation-Vendor: Olsen India

While execution I get NoClassDefFoundError.

java -jar rtdemo.OlsenJssh-1a.jar
Connecting to rtdemo.olsen.ch...as rtdemo Connected
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
at jssh.SSHClient$ReaderThread.<init>(Unknown Source)
at jssh.SSHClient.connect(Unknown Source)
at jssh.SSHClient.main(Unknown Source)

As you can see I have already set Class-Path attribute to the jar file.
Could anyone point out what more modification is needed run
rtdemo.olsenjssh-1a.jar file. I am also looking at jar extention and
optional packaging attributes docs.

Any input will be grately appricated.