I have produced my first applet which reads a file from a web server,
displays it on a web page and allows the user to edit/save the data back to
the server. They can then opt to reload the data from the server, which
causes the applet to re-open and re-read the data file.

Everything works fine except when we connect to the net via FreeServe. When
I connect through FreeServe, I can not reload the saved data. I know the
correct data is written back to our server (I have ftp'ed the file and
checked it) but the data that is displayed is the pre-changed data. It
appears that FreeServe is cacheing the file so, when I re-read it, I get the
copy from FreeServe, not our server. The only way to update the data is to
disconnect from FreeServe and reconnect.

The code I use to open the file and read it is:

csvFile = new URL(getDocumentBase(), strDataStore);
csvConnection = csvFile.openConnection();
csvStream = csvConnection.getInputStream();
} <catch code omitted>

csvStrings = new InputStreamReader(csvStream);
csvRecords = new BufferedReader(csvStrings);

// *** Read the header record. If this works, read the rest of the CSV
if (oHeader != null)

csvConnection = null;
csvFile = null;

Is there anything else I can do to stop the file being cached? I thought
this was enough.