Hello there,

I am a student studying Java and I'm in my 3rd year of college, but the lecturer
what I have for teaching our class in college is TOTALLT USELESS and Couldn't
even explain what a piece of paper is and what it might be used for, so I
seriously need someones help !
At the moment this is what we are studying, and even though I've searched
the Sun website, I still don't understand what Vectors are or what serialization
is and what they are both used for or in ?? So I really need someone's help
in explaining both of these and maybe some good examples of programs in using
both vectors and Serialization !! I have gotten a program from a friend in
serialization, but if I don't unsersatnd what it is about or what serialization
is about and used for or in then there's no point in me copying it off my
friend !!
If anyone can help me on this one I would be sooooooooooooooooo greatful
or even to point me in the right direction then I would be forever greatful
and really appreciate the helping hand !! Thanks !!


Tricia !!