I'v just gone through half a course in Java and have written a paper on
"Programing Approaches: Procedural-oriented vs. Object-Oriented". I did this for my composition class and I'm still a newbie so I thought I may post it for some critizism.

I wrote in a manner that will do two things. Explain both the aspects of OOP and Procedural programming in a very easy-to-understand way while giving a few points on opposition.

I'm not so concerend with the argument as I am with the delivery of the content. I know haven't balanced the argument as much as I could have with more oppositions to object-oriented methodologies.

I also feel I've made too much of a teaching aspect for OOP and it's components then an argument. You can find the paper here:


I apreciate all input.

P.S. I'll probably have this exact same post on a few forums for a somewhat different apsect as I feel different community forums provide different community cultures regardless of the correctness (or not) of this document

thanks again