Another silly question from the 'Reformed VB/ASP Developer' .......

I am learning Java and want to eventually move on to Corba, Servlets, and
JSP. I have an NT Server
with IIS 4.0 installed on which I learned VB/ASP development, now I need
to set up for Enterprise and
Web Java. So ...

Does Apache Server for NT process Servlets?
Does Apache Server for NT process Java Server Pages?
What are the cheapest Web/App servers for NT that will do this?
Should I install Linux for Servlet and JSP development?
If Linux ... which Web/App servers will process both these file types?
What about processing beans? Will any Java enabled web server process Javabeans?
Are Javabeans just like COM components in VB, and as such reside on any Java
web server?

Any ideas about how to set up hardware/software combinations to learn Servlets,
Java Server
Pages, and Enterprise Javabeans will be greatly appreciated. And type slowly
... 'cause I'm
coming from a Microsoft development background and I just can't read very

Thanks again folks!