I saw your reply on Devx (view below).

ASP is server-side so no one sees the source code. You can call methods and
properties in ASP as well through the intrinsic ASP objects as well as components
written in VB, VC, C, Perl, Java or any other language.

Your misunderstanding or misrepresentation is unfortunate.

"Tom Duffy" <td4729@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Hello Phil:
>My bank uses JSPs to deliver dynamic content about my checking account.

>That's all the evidence I need to see to know that JSP is here to stay.
>The major advantage to JSP vs ASP is that it gives you the ability to call
>methods in compiled Java code thereby hiding your business rules/logic/intellectual
>property. ASP code resides in the client document and is readily available
>through the View Source command. Yes, ASP has been around longer and yes,
>it is easier to learn from the viewpoint of a Win32 developer (it's really
>mostly VBScript after all). But are you ready to show everyone your code?
> I'm not.
>Tom Duffy
>"Phil" phil.holbrook wrote:
>>Can someone conject as to the viability of Java Server Pages for widespread
>>web apps development
>>as opposed to MS' Active Server Pages or Allaire's Cold Fusion 4.0/4.5

>>the future? Will JSP catch on
>>or will it be left behind considering the ease-of-use of ASP and Cold Fusion?
>> It is my understanding
>>that Java Server Pages are much more powerful and flexible than the other
>>two technologies but more
>>difficult to learn. I want to learn and USE Java but I don't wanna' sink
>>a year of self-study into a
>>technology that's gonna' fizzle.
>>Any ideas?
>>Phil "The Slowly-Reforming MS Developer"