For development of jsp-pages you can use Jrun free licence version, or J2EE
from Javasoft. Or TomCat from same place.

Unfortunately, I agree that with Microsoft you can develop ASP and serve
ASP on products without buying anything more than the NT server. With jsp
you can develop for free - but I haven't found any free solutions for commercial
robustness and business use yet. ASP could be thought as one, although you
do have to buy Windows.

I have no experience of non-windows asp platforms, but I've never heard of
anyone using them in actual production either.

>3) jsp servers ARE RARE species as yet now (hunting for whole good one month)
>i haven't found a descent server that can be obtained as shareware or freeware
>on which i can even BEGIN experimenting!! otoh PWS for win98\95 and IIS

>for NT and IIS 5.0 (fundoo server) with win2K (a really groundbreaking os)
>comes bundled with their respective OSs and are perfect with asp.