Dear Colleagues,

I have a few questions on JAVA, which I would be MOST grateful if any of
you could answer. Specifically, these concern moving C/C++ code to JAVA.

1. What are the JAVA equivalents of C++ language's:

a. virtual/pure virtual functions.

b. default argument functions,

c. Formatted I/O, eg. {printf ("%40", ix)

d. copy constructors,

e. sizeof() --- I do not detect a sizeof)) in JAVA !. Is there any reason
for this ?.

Could you please also provide a simple example concerning the migration !.

2. What is a "javap" class file disassembler ?.
3. What is the JAVA equivalent of "closer()" ?

Many thanks for your time and patience, and I look foprward to hearing from
you in the near future.

Sincerely yours

Ravi Venkatesan