I am amased that people who use VB think they have a real programming language.
Compared to C, C++, Java, and Delphi, VB is a joke..

It's RAD, they say, but so is Java with Visual Cafe, JBuilder, Visual Age
for Java, and Forte on the Java side and C++ Builder on the C++ side... It's
easy to learn, guess that's why they call it Beginners All purpose....It's
powerful, if all you need it for is simple GUI interfaces and scripting code.
It's truly compiled, as long as you have the run time libraries. It's powerful,
as long as you do not have to do any low level or WIN API calls .. It's Object
Oriented, as long as you do not need inheritance, polymorphism, etc. It's
X-platform, as long as you work on Windows platforms.

The biggest complaint of VB people concerning Java is that Java is slow..
Compared to what?? Want to compare my C++ or Delphi app's speed to VB?? Then
VB is slow.. And VB isn't X-platform!! What's it's excuse?

Actually there are native compilers for Java. I can compile it natively for
many platforms and still do not have to rewrite the code when I want it to
run on another platform. I can make native calls if I wish to C++, and I
can even take my Java code and create a C++ header with the JDK.. I can tie
it to Corba for integration with legacy Cobol code, C and C++ Code, or, if
needs be, Delphi. VB will do none of the above.

Java is taking over.. C++ is the power tool... That's reality. Get use to
it and better yet, LEARN IT..