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Thread: Java book

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    Lou Guest

    Java book

    I am learning Java. Who can tell me which Java books are best ones? Thanks
    in advance.

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    Mohan Guest

    Re: Java book

    "Lou" <lyguo@go.com> wrote:
    >I am learning Java. Who can tell me which Java books are best ones? Thanks
    >in advance

    CORE Java 2 seems to be very good book. David Reily's
    www.javacoffebreak.com is a good online source.
    Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in Java" is another excellent, though lil advanced,
    book. I have that book in PDF format. Anyone interested ? Write me at mbaviris@sybase.com.

    Good Luck Learning Java


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    Nov 2006

    Java books

    Application Development with VisualAge for Java Enterprise -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/A...Enterprise.htm

    Bleeding at the Keyboard A Guide to Modern Programming with Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/B..._with_Java.htm

    Concurrent Programming Using Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/C...Using_Java.htm

    Inside the Java Virtual Machine -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...al_Machine.htm

    Interface Design: Best Practices in Object-Oriented API Design in Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...gn_in_Java.htm

    Introduction to Computer Science Using Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...sing_Java1.htm

    Java Application Development for CICS -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...t_for_CICS.htm

    Java Data Structures, 2nd Edition -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...nd_Edition.htm

    Java Design Pattern: A Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...A_Tutorial.htm

    Java Developer''s Reference -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Reference.htm

    Java Expert Solutions -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Solutions.htm

    Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...nd_Tactics.htm

    Java Thin Client Systems with VisualAge Generator -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Generator.htm

    Java Virtual Machine Specification -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...cification.htm

    Post Your Comments and new links at online forum -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P...line_forum.htm

    Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P...ng_in_Java.htm

    Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P...ng_in_Java.htm

    Processing XML with Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P...with_Java1.htm

    Securing Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/Securing_Java.htm

    Thinking in Patterns with Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T..._with_Java.htm

    Tricks of Java Programming Gurus -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...ming_Gurus.htm

    Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...a_Nutshell.htm

    EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/_...s_Tutorial.htm

    J2EE Servlet Essentials -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/_...Essentials.htm

    The Java Web Services Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/_...s_Tutorial.htm

    Cooking with Beans in the Enterprise -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/C...Enterprise.htm

    Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/C...ver_Pages1.htm

    Designing Enterprise Applications with J2EE -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/D..._with_J2EE.htm

    Developer''s Guide to Understanding Enterprise JavaBeans -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/D..._JavaBeans.htm

    EJB Design Patterns, by Floyd Marinescu. (PDF) -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...nescu._PDF.htm

    Enterprise Java Beans, an Introduction -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...troduction.htm

    Enterprise JavaBeans -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E..._JavaBeans.htm

    Factoring JavaBeans in the Enterprise -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/F...Enterprise.htm

    J2EE and XML Development -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...velopment1.htm

    J2EE BluePrints -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J2EE_BluePrints.htm

    J2EE Developer''s Guide -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...pers_Guide.htm

    J2EE Technology in Practice -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...n_Practice.htm

    Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition, by Ed Roman -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/M...y_Ed_Roman.htm

    Post Your Comments and new links at online forum -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P...ine_forum1.htm

    Presenting JavaBeans -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P..._JavaBeans.htm

    Servlet Essentials -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/S...ssentials1.htm

    Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP): A Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/S..._Tutorial1.htm

    The J2EE Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...E_Tutorial.htm

    The J2EE(TM) 1.4 Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...4_Tutorial.htm

    The Java Enterprise CD Bookshelf -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T..._Bookshelf.htm

    The Java Web Services Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...s_Tutorial.htm

    Working with Java and XML -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/W...va_and_XML.htm

    Enterprise Java Beans -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...Java_Beans.htm

    Java Enterprise in a Nutshell -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...a_Nutshell.htm

    EJB Development for VisualAge For JAVA for websphere Application Server -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...ion_Server.htm

    Enterprise Java Development Using VisualAge For Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...e_For_Java.htm

    BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 Unleashed -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/B..._Unleashed.htm

    Teach Yourself BEA WebLogic Server 7.0 in 21 Days -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...in_21_Days.htm

    BEA WebLogic Server Bible -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/B...rver_Bible.htm

    A Java GUI Programmer's Primer -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/A...ers_Primer.htm

    Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/C...h_JFCSwing.htm

    Evaluating Java for Game Development -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...velopment1.htm

    Internet Game Programming with Java in 21 Days -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...in_21_Days.htm

    Java 3D API Specification -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...cification.htm

    Java 3D API Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...I_Tutorial.htm

    Java Swing -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/Java_Swing.htm

    Java2D: An Introduction and Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...d_Tutorial.htm

    JFC Unleashed -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/JFC_Unleashed.htm

    Programming User Interfaces with JFC -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P...s_with_JFC.htm

    Swing: A Quick Tutorial for AWT Programmers -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/S...rogrammers.htm

    The Java Look and Feel -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...k_and_Feel.htm

    Java AWT Reference -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Reference.htm

    Up to Speed with Swing - 2nd Edition -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/U...nd_Edition.htm

    330 Java Tips -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/330_Java_Tips.htm

    Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/A...2_Platform.htm

    Bleeding at the Keyboard: A Guide to Modern Programming with Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/B...with_Java1.htm

    Brewing Java: A Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/B...A_Tutorial.htm

    Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/D...s_in_Java1.htm

    Essentials of the Java Programming, Part 1 -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...ing_Part_1.htm

    Essentials of the Java Programming, Part 2 -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...ing_Part_2.htm

    Exploring Java, 2nd Edition -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...nd_Edition.htm

    Introduction to Programming Using Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...Using_Java.htm

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    Nov 2006

    java books2

    Java 1.2 Unleashed -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Unleashed.htm

    Java 2 Platform Power Reference -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Reference.htm

    Java by Examples -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/Java_by_Examples.htm

    Java Code Conventions -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...onventions.htm

    Java Fundamental Classes Reference -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Reference.htm

    Java in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...nd_Edition.htm

    Java Language Reference -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Reference.htm

    Java Language Specification -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...cification.htm

    Java Lecture Notes -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...ture_Notes.htm

    Java Unleashed -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/Java_Unleashed.htm

    Java, an Object First Approach -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...t_Approach.htm

    JDK 1.4 Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/JDK_1.4_Tutorial.htm

    Objects and Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/Objects_and_Java.htm

    Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/P...rogramming.htm

    Sun Certified Java Programmer Pre-Exam Essentials -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/S...Essentials.htm

    Teach Yourself Java 1.1 Programming in 24 Hours -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...n_24_Hours.htm

    Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...in_21_Days.htm

    The Java Language Environment -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...nvironment.htm

    The Java Reference Library CD Bookshelf -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T..._Bookshelf.htm

    The Java Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...a_Tutorial.htm

    The Official Gamelan Java Directory -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T..._Directory.htm

    Thinking in Java, by Bruce Eckel, 1st Edition -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...st_Edition.htm

    Thinking in Java, by Bruce Eckel, 3rd Ed. -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...el_3rd_Ed..htm

    Using Java 1.1, 3rd Edition -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/U...rd_Edition.htm

    Using Java, 2nd Edition -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/U...nd_Edition.htm

    Effective Java Programming Language Guide -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...uage_Guide.htm

    Designing and Writing Java Action Games for Small Devices -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/D...ll_Devices.htm

    J2ME In a Nutshell -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...a_Nutshell.htm

    Java Programming for Wireless Devices Code Camp -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Code_Camp.htm

    Java Wireless Game Development -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...evelopment.htm

    MIDP 2.0 (JSR 118) -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/MIDP_2.0_JSR_118.htm

    Understanding J2ME Application Models -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/U...ion_Models.htm

    Using the Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/U...Technology.htm

    Using WebSphere Studio Device Developer to Build Embedded Java Applications -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/U...plications.htm

    Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/W..._Bluetooth.htm

    J2ME Java in small things -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...ll_things_.htm

    J2ME Step by step -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...ep_by_step.htm

    Learning Wireless Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/L...eless_Java.htm

    Developing Intranet Applications with Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/D...with_Java1.htm

    Getting Started with JDBC API -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/G..._JDBC_API1.htm

    Jan Newmarch''s Guide to JINI Technologies -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...chnologies.htm

    Java Message Service (JMS) Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...S_Tutorial.htm

    Java Thin Client for Network Computing -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._Computing.htm

    Java Thin Client Programming -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...rogramming.htm

    The JNDI Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T...I_Tutorial.htm

    Web Programming with Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/W...with_Java1.htm

    Application Development with VisualAge for Java Enterprise -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/A...nterprise1.htm

    Building AS/400 Internet-Based Applications with Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/B..._with_Java.htm

    Creating Java Applications using NetRexx -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/C...ng_NetRexx.htm

    e-business Application Solutions Using Java: Volume I -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/e...a_Volume_I.htm

    IMS Version 7 and Java Application Programming -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...rogramming.htm

    Integrating Java with Existing Data and Applications on OS/390 -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...s_on_OS390.htm

    Intentia Movex Java on the IBM&nbsp; iSeries Server: An Implementation Guide -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/I...tion_Guide.htm

    Java Application Development for CICS -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._for_CICS1.htm

    Java Programming Guide for OS/390 -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J..._for_OS390.htm

    Java Thin Client Systems with VisualAge Generator -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...Generator1.htm

    Using VisualAge for Java Enterprise Version 2 to Develop CORBA and EJB Applications -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/U...plications.htm

    The Struts Framework -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T..._Framework.htm

    Java And Soap(O Reilly) 2002 -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...eilly_2002.htm

    J2EE Platform Web Services -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...e_Hal-2003.htm

    O Reilly - Java Web Services -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/O...b_Services.htm

    XML Programming in Java -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/X...ng_in_Java.htm

    JBoss Admin Development Guide -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...ment_Guide.htm

    J2EE and XML Development -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...velopment2.htm

    Java Web services Tutorial -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...s_Tutorial.htm

    Building Enterprise Applications for the Net with EJB, CORBA, and XML -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/B...BA_and_XML.htm

    MySQL and JSP Web Applications Data Driven Programming Using Tomcat And MySQL. -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/M...And_MySQL..htm

    Jakarta Struts -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/Jakarta_Struts.htm

    Teach Yourself JSP 2.0 with Apache Tomcat in 24 Hours -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/T..._24_Hours_.htm

    Enhydra XMLC Java Presentation Development -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/E...evelopment.htm

    JBoss Administration -- http://www.dhruvaraj.com/bookstore/J...istration_.htm

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    I am new here
    can anyone tell me how to post a code?

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    I think I just posted one messege.
    I have a quick quesion to ask,
    I want to make a login page in J2ME emulator, which will ask for user name and password, if they match it will show an welcome messege,
    I tried using hastables, didnt work
    anyone has any new idea? please share it
    Thank you

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    Free eBooks - Technical Engineering and lot more

    See this large collection of Java eBooks here . Grabbed from FreeBookZone .
    Last edited by priyanhere; 11-07-2006 at 12:58 PM.

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    If you need a questions and answers approach which can be useful for interviews as well as a quick reference guide then try http://www.lulu.com/java-success. It also acts as a roadmap for Java/J2EE technologies.

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