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Thread: Security Model

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    Mohan Guest

    Security Model

    Hi all,

    What is "Sand box security model" in Java ?

    Thanks in Advance


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    Tom Duffy Guest

    Re: Security Model

    Hello Mohan:

    The sandbox security model typically refers to the type of files that Java
    applets have access to. The sandbox can be viewed as the restrictions of
    the program and is constructed by the applet security model. The applet
    security model reduces to:"Trust Nothing". In essence, applets are limited
    to "playing" in the sandbox where they live - the server that holds applet's
    files. This amounts to no access to local files on the users' machines or
    on other servers.

    There are ways to expand the sandbox - trusted applets are a good example.
    If a user trusts an applet, she can allow the applet access to local files.

    Tom Duffy

    "Mohan" <mbaviris@sybase.com> wrote:
    >Hi all,
    > What is "Sand box security model" in Java ?
    >Thanks in Advance

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