The whole problem is like this which I think boils
down to how do we sign applets that use plugins and
how do we deploy them.

The main requirement is that I should not be
required to touch the client machine for any modifications to
> policy files or things like that
> I want to encrypt the password which the user
> enters on the applet. For this I am using publica and private
> key mechanism.
> I am producing the hash of this password before encrypting it. For hashing

I am using the
> > MessageDigest class from the package.
> > >
> > > Now this package is not supported by netscape. So I decided to use

the plugin.
Now since crypto libs are are export restriction I had to use the provider
ABA for my crypto libs.
To be able to use this provider I have to install it at runtime using the
foll code..
Provider abaJce = new;

This started throwing security exception. So I decided to sign it. For testing
purpose I obtained a
test certificate from and signed my applet with it. and used
the following code to ask for

Now I learn that this is necessary for applets using the pluign1.2.2

To be able to use this I had to import* classes.

Now when I tried to run this so called signed
applet, it instead of showing the security popup gave me an exception to target denied at
The moment I removed the plugin code I got the popup. But then I am uable
to hash and encrypt because
then the importing of classes causes security exceptions.

Is there any different way to sign applets with plugins. Or is this happening
becuase I am using
a test certificate.
How do I resolve this problem?

Please help. All my work is stuck up because of