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    Gabriele Guest

    How-to read a text file and display it in a Text-area ...

    Hi all, I have a servlet (written in java) that should read a TEXT file, put
    all the content of the text file in a variable and then display it in the
    text area like this:
    <td><textarea rows=\"11\" cols=\"131\">" + TEXT + "</textarea></td>\n"

    Now the problem is that I can only read a line from the text file:

    FileReader fr = new FileReader(doc_path + doc_name + doc_ext);
    BufferedReader myInput = new BufferedReader(fr);

    TEXT = myInput.readLine();

    HOW could I display the whole TEXT of the file ?

    Thank in advance,

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    Vikram Rajan Guest

    Re: How-to read a text file and display it in a Text-area ...

    Hi Gabriele,

    the BufferedReader.readLine() method will return a line from the file. When
    the end of the input has been reached, it returns a null. To read the whole
    file, use the following loop:

    String tmp;
    while ((tmp = br.readLine()) != null)
    TEXT += tmp;
    out.println("<td><textarea rows=11 cols=131>" + TEXT + "\n");

    That should do it.


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