Hi there:
I'm trying to understand how to designate the path to a particular
file when making use of the ImageIcon(String filename) class. In the
help files it explains that the filename arguement should be something
like: "images/explode.gif"

My directory stucture is like this:

|__ jbsc

My class files are in jbsc. I place a copy of explode.gif in all three
Then I tried ImageIcon("images/explode.gif"). I expected it to find the
file in the images directory but it didn't. So I tried just
ImageIcon("explode.gif") thinking it will at least find the file in jbsc
(the same directory as the class files). Nope, it didn't. So I tried
ImageIcon("network/explode.gif"). This time it found it!

The thing is, I want it to load from the images directory. So how do I
tell it that?