My assignment is to create an application that will allow a user to type in
two numbers assumed to be of type byte. The user will then press on one
of the six buttons (labeled &, ^, |, ~, >>, <<) and the result will appear
in the text area on the lower right part of the application. The result
will also be written out to a file named "Nitebyte". I'm using a frame with
a (2x2)grid layout. In the first gridcell (top left) is a text field (declared
as t1) labeled "original byte". The second gridcell (top right) is a text
field (declared as t2) labeled "factored byte". The third gridcell (bottom
left) is a (2x3) grid with the six buttons. The fourth gridcell has the
text area (declared as tA). I'm stuck on the functionality that has to happen
in actionPerformed. My code looks like the following:

public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)

if (e.getSource() == b1)//b1 - b6 declared as a Buttons

else if (e.getSource() == b2)