I have a question on how to design a "real" database application. Too often
when I look for database application examples they are either only examples
of how to use a JDBC resultset or how to use datacontrols and buttons for
"next record" and "previous record". What I'm looking for is an example of

I want to have a form where I display say customers, their addresses and
what they have bought, all stored in different tables in the database. The
name of the customer should be searchable, and if i search for a customer
and there is only one in the database it should be displayed in the form.

But if there is more than one that match the search criteria, a new form
(modal?) should appear with a list of matching customers. Then I should be
able to select one with a double click, the form should close and the selected
customer appear in the first form.

You might say this is more a design questing than a java question, but I
need to do it in java. I have to admit I'm really surprised I haven't seen
an example of this anyware since it should be a rather common design problem.

Thanks a lot!