I am trying to make a JSP page that also using a java bean.
When doing so, do I need to compile the bean myself and then put it into
the appropriate directory, (i.e. jswdk-1.0.1\examples\WEB-INF\jsp\beans\instantjsp1),
before accessing the JSP page through my browser, or will an instance of
my bean be made automatically when the JSP page is loaded..

This is the bean

package instantjsp1;

public class ScopeTest {
private int i;
public ScopeTest() {
i = 0;
public int getNextInt() {
return ++i;

JSP Page

<jsp:usebean id = "appScopeCount" scope = "application"
class = "instantjsp1.ScopeTest" />

<jsp:usebean id = "reqScopeCount" scope = "request"
class = "instantjsp1.ScopeTest" />

<title>Scope Test</title>

Counter (scope = application) has a value of &nbsp;
<jsp:getProperty name = "appScopeCount" property = "nextInt"/>
Counter (scope = request) has a value of &nbsp;
<jsp:getProperty name = "reqScopeCount" property = "nextInt"/>
<form method = get action = "ScopeTest.jsp">
<input type = submit name = "submit" value = "INCREMENT">

ClassPath used by server

Using classpath: .\classes;.\webserver.jar;.\lib\jakarta.jar;.\lib\servlet.jar;.