OK, I'm trying to learn this thread stuff and ran into a little problem. I
don't know if it is my understanding, code, or a combination.

Here is what is going on....

I have an applet that runs fine. I wanted to add a thread to that applet
to run a marquee across the bottom (South). I set up a MarqueeCanvas class
to hold the message, then added a thread to start the marquee running. I
instantiate the Canvas first in the applet. Then instantiate the thread passing
in the Canvas object. In the Thread code I instantiate a canvas object as
well, and copy the object passed in into this instance (so that I don't loose
the object)....then when I get back to the applet I "start" the thread, but
I get the famous NoClassDefFoundError:MarqueeCanvas. I don't understand.
I thought that Java passed by reference and if I created an object in my
applet and then passed that object to my Thread - my thread should then have
the address of the object and be able to reference it, right?

here are snippits of the code:

Applet code - (dots indicate missing code)

MarqueeCanvas marqueeCanvas = new MarqueeCanvas(
"Welcome to My Movie Rater! Hope you enjoy!!!");
MarqueeThread marqueeThread = new MarqueeThread(marqueeCanvas);

public void init (){

getContentPane().add("South", marqueeCanvas);
System.out.println("Starting Marquee Thread!");

MarqueeCanvas code -
public class MarqueeCanvas extends Canvas{
public MarqueeCanvas (String s) {
message = s;
System.out.println("message = " + message);

public void decrementPosition() {
if (position + messageWidth < 0){
position = initialPosition;
position = position - delta;

MarqueeThread -

import java.lang.*;
import java.io.*;

public class MarqueeThread extends Thread{
MarqueeCanvas canvas;

public MarqueeThread (MarqueeCanvas c) {
canvas = c;
System.out.println("Marquee Canvas created in Marquee Thread!");

public void run(){
while (true){
catch (InterruptedException e) {

Any ideas? I'm really stumped and need help to get this working please?