I am student learning Java in high school and I was wondering if you could
help me out.

Can you please tell me how to determine whether a word is a palindrome, (for
example HANNAH or RADAR) using Arrays?
Feel free to reply using source codes.

I would very much appreciated your time and your help,

This is how my program looks right now:
class Palindrome{
public static void main(String str[]){
String word=str[0];
int length = str[0].length()-1;
char charfwd[] = new char[length];
char charbkd[] = new char[length];
int checkback = 0;
for (int i=0; i <= length; i++){
word.charAt(i) = charfwd[i];}
for (int g=length; g >=0; g--)
word.charAt[g] = charbkd[g];
for (int check=0; check <= length; check++) {
checkback = length;
if (charfwd[check].equals(charbkd[checkback])){
checkback = checkback-1;}
System.out.println(word + " is not a palindrome");
break breakOut; }
System.out.println(word + " is a palindrome");

Thank you,