Hi there,

I've written two types of tree-like navigation menus for our intranet. The
first one uses a plain html presentation. The second one is a java applet
based on the swing JTree component. A user can set his menu type to either
html or applet. In order to run the applet users have to download and install
Sun's java plug-in for browsers. Here's the problem: when a user has set's
menu type to applet and enters my page without having the plug-in installed
and without the availability of an internet connection the plug-in detection
hangs! I guess it keeps on polling for Sunís plug-in download page, failing
every time since there's no Internet connection. How do I bypass this? For
offline users that have accidentally switched their menu to applet without
having the plug-in I would like to display a hyperlink (that forces a switch
to the html-menu) instead of the plug-in polling endless...

Any ideas?


Jochen Neyens