You don't have to escape the left-parenthesis character in a string. You
only have to escape the double-quote character and the backslash character,
in both cases by preceding them with a backslash. All other characters go
into the string as themselves alone.

So if you want to write a string composed of the two characters double-quote
and left-parenthesis, you write it like this:



"Chad Gorshing" <> wrote in message
> First off I just wanted to say that I hit enter instead of tab, by

> My question is I'm wanting to escape the ( character.
> I'm wanting to test to see if a string (called value) starts with "(
> so this is what I have that doesn't work
> if(value.startsWith("\"\(")
> file://Do stuff
> Looks pretty bad to me.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Thanks
> Chad