Re: Best IDE for Java? **Best Price**

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Thread: Re: Best IDE for Java? **Best Price**

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    Ed Coyle Guest

    Re: Best IDE for Java? **Best Price**

    The best Price
    IBM Visual Age for Java
    Free download

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    Paul Clapham Guest

    Re: Best IDE for Java? **Best Price**

    I'm using VisualAge for Java, the Expensive, sorry I mean Enterprise
    Edition. It's a very good tool for keeping track of the relationships
    between classes in a project; for example, if I need to change this method
    here so that its parameter is a String instead of an int, what else will I
    have to change? For designing applets... I went through a tutorial and I
    must have done one step slightly wrong; could I figure out what it was from
    that spider web? Not a chance. Probably designing GUIs with any of the
    IDEs is going to be write-only programming, but definitely with VAJ. (OK,
    maybe you could get used to it if you used it enough.)

    Even the Professional edition of VAJ is free, but it was a 116 megabyte
    download last time I looked. Not practical unless you have a reliable,
    high-speed connection. But there must be an Entry edition, which could be
    worth looking at for an entry to Java.


    "Ed Coyle" <> wrote in message
    > The best Price
    > IBM Visual Age for Java
    > Free download

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