Any initialisation class

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Thread: Any initialisation class

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    Saiful Guest

    Any initialisation class

    Does anyone has a class file for Initialising a .ini file in Java?

    I have a program that reads/write to an ini file. Does anyone has a class
    to share that makes it easy for me to read and write to an ini file?


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    Roy Lachapelle Guest

    Re: Any initialisation class

    JavaPro Magazine, November 2001 isue (vol 5 no 11) page 43.
    The Javatecture article by James Cooper has exactly what you need.
    If you don't get the magazine, go to and get
    the source code for November in zip format.

    Also, I've seen a better ini file handler originally written
    by Steve DeGroof. I took his code and made some improvements, but
    I currently only use that for personal use. Download his from

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