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Thread: New Browser Window

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    Brad Guest

    New Browser Window

    I'm having trouble getting the command to work with HTML
    and .JS files. With my HTML I am just imbedding a link to the .JS files
    for the
    HTML page to access and excute. so that means my LINKS are in the .JS files
    the HTML files...Here's is some sample code of part of the menu. I need to

    open these links in to NEW Browser windows. The following is part of my menu
    array. The links themselves aren't important, I know they work. I just need
    proper syntax to open the new window. Thanks in advance.

    Menu3=new Array('Analysis','#','',3,'',120);
    Menu3_1=new Array('Home','http://home.html','',0,20,120);
    Menu3_2=new Array('Daily News','http://news.html','',0);
    Menu3_3=new Array('Weekly Report','http://report.html','',0);

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    Markn Guest

    Re: New Browser Window

    Brad. You might wish to ask this in one of the Internet/Intranet Groups that
    deal with scripting. Java (again - sigh) is not Javascript.


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