I've been downloading free scripts people have written to make sure a page
only loads in a frame. I can't seem to make any of them work and there are
large descrepancies in where and how various authors say to so it. Do
you have to put scripts in both the frameset page and the subpage? Do
you put the script in the body or the head? Is there really any way to
get my page to open in the right side (of a vertically devided page) or will
it always be the default page no matter what I do? Sometimes everything
seems to work, but the screen flashes like it's being told to load the pages
over and over and over, is there a pat answer anyone can give me about why
this happens and how to correct it? I will be happy
to send the source code I've been using to anyone who can help me with
this. WHAT A MESS!! =)