i am doign an assignment for first year TAFE of adv dip Information Technology.
I am doing an essay on the diffrence between Java and JavaScript...
This is just one section of my essay about OOP.
Java and JavaScript are both Object Oriented Programming languages. An Object
Oriented Program is a program that is made of individually selected and manipulated
objects. Each object has its own data type and class of commands. Object
Oriented Programming is easier to adjust because when new types of objects
are added, the modules donít need to be changed.
i mensioned that javaScript was object Oriented, thats what some of my refrences
had said. But then i found out that it isnt and there is some difference
between object-based in Java and prototype-based in JavaScript. I dont understand,
please help me, and tell me if what i have written is completely wrong, i
have done so much work for this. and its due 22.03.02. sorry if this is
too long, please get back to me ASAP
your sincerely, sarah.