I was wondering, what's the deal with Java then? I hear (still hear) a lotof
buzz around it but as a web-space-navigator I find very little evidence of
it really being used... So. whats the use? where? how? and why should I even
bother thinking about it?

I've been working as a web developer/interface designer for the past five
years and finally decided to go coding/programming in stead of designing..
(took me awhile but here i am) So now I want to know where to start..

In this forum I hear lots about java this-and-that but as a developer in the
field i've never actually come across real interesting java-applications..
apart from an endless list of weird-unusable games, arty 3d wiremodel
generators and the occasional chatbox which would inevitably crash my
browser.. Now a lot of this kindof functionality is taken over by flash
(they even got some desent chatboxes outthere) and in time even more so...
so why java?

what do they use java for? why should I want to learn java? (apart from it
maybe being fun that is.. )


(oh, btw, this is just my way of trying to ask, not a flame-war-request..
i'm not slaggin off java, just want to know the worth..)