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    Sep 2002

    Question Stupid Question of the Day

    I have used javascript before on my pages and it worked. I've gone in and copied information from working site A to new site B, but site B does not work.

    I'm stumped. To say I am new to java is a gross understatement. If I can't c&p, I can't do it, lol.

    The class files and graphics are loaded into the same directory as my page on site B. I did no editing because I didn't want any changes. But at this point I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because not one aspect of the applet is working as it should. There is supposed to be a graphic behind, fog floating over the graphic, and words scrolling in front of it all.

    The words appear but they don't scroll, and none of the graphics appear in any capacity. Not clouds, not picture, nada. This is my page (don't laugh, okay? I get a respectable amount of traffic, lol):


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    Sep 2002
    I think its how you saved it. Check what extension you put on it.

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