Try read first the lenght of iRow and allocate the dimension of reuseRows
after, like:
reuseRows = new DataRow[iRow];
and so u can do the same loop to initialize each object.

Leonardo Kasperavicius

"Chris Canning" <> escreveu na mensagem
> G'day,
> My question is how do you initialize an array of objects (in this case
> an array of DataRow). Every approach I have tried has failed. The [] do

> get along well with the constructor that requires a parameter.
> Here is a paraphrase of where I'm at. This doesn't work because the array
> needs to be given a dimension to start with I think.
> int iRow = 0;
> DataRow[] reuseRows;
> while (queryIn.inBounds()) {
> reuseRows[iRow] = new DataRow(queryIn);
> // copy the row across
> // move to next record
> iRow++;
> }
> Thanking you from Alice Springs Australia.