Hello All,
We're looking for judges at Jars.com http://www.jars.com
There isn't a lot of work involved. Just experiment with an applet or two a week from the Jars database and score it on:

1. Presentation: (Content- visual appeal, look, feel, packaging, graphics/sound/video quality, overview, documentation etc... )

2. AppletPerfect: (Programming- difficulty/complexity, correctness, approach, technique, style, etc... )

3. Functionality/Performance: (Usefulness- to the net, ease of use, known bugs, operation, stability, etc... )

4. Originality: (Uniqueness- new concept, new idea, improvement, Innovative, usage, need/reasoning, etc...)

You can do a more in-depth review if so choose but normally after using the Applet it only takes a few moments to do the review. Score each category using this benchmark:

(0 equals really bad)- (300 is the best!)

If you are interested please fill out the form located at the URL below. You will hear back from me shortly. Thank you.