Two IBM developerWorks articles on XML developments:,t=gr,p=dwhp

'Pythonic' treatment of XML documents as objects
David Mertz, Ph.D. discuss some of the goals, decisions, and limitations
of the project to create a more seamless integration between XML and Python;
and hopefully provide you with a set of useful modules and techniques that
point to easier ways to meet programming goals. All tools created as part
of the project will be released to the public domain. David Mertz presents
the xml_pickle module.,t=gr,p=XMLpyt

How to render XML documents in popular Web browsers
Here's a practical step-by-step explanation of how to display XML documents
in two popular browsers. The authors demonstrate the default display behaviors
of Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape 6.0 browsers and show how to apply
stylesheets for custom display. Details include sample code used to create
displays of XML documents. After reading this article, you will be able
to set up your XML document for browser display using default and custom
display approaches, avoiding common pitfalls in the process.,t=gr,p=XMLweb

XML Lightweight Extractor
XLE allows a user to annotate a given DTD, then extract XML documents conforming
to that DTD from underlying data sources.,t=gr,p=XMLext