I am a newbie of Java who is developping a program by using JDBC (MYSQL)and
Swing.I want to complete the following fuction:
Display the anthentication information(This is finished by using SWING).After
user input his/her name and password,the system will popup a new windows.(the
old window will disapear)
1.If he fails to login, the new window will display the information 'Wrong
password'and a RETURN which let him to return to the LOGIN window.
2.If he succeed in logging in, the new window will display 3 buttons to let
him query,change and update the database.
Can you give some ideas of how to:

A.Create the new frame and kill the old frame(By actionlistener on the LOGIN
key)?How to make the RETURN to return to the previous window?
B.Hoe to separate the application(Database opeartion) and Display(SWING)
code by using different classes?
I have no idea in OO programming.Can someone give me some ideas?

Thank you