Applet-Servlet Communication using Sockets

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Thread: Applet-Servlet Communication using Sockets

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    Ravikumar Guest

    Applet-Servlet Communication using Sockets

    Hi all
    Please explain me in detail how to connect applet and servlet using Sockets.
    I struggle a lot while connecting. Also mention
    how can I send message from applet (client socket) to Serversocket and from
    server socket to Servlet Program and vice versa. While sending data from
    Server Socket to Servlet Program, it throws null pointer exception. What
    is the correct procedure of using Input and Output Streams so that I can
    send and receive strings from client side. Please give in me your answer
    with full code.

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    Rahul Deshmukh Guest

    Re: Applet-Servlet Communication using Sockets

    Dear Ravikumar check out the following site

    this will definitely help you.

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