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    dani Guest

    Tomcat examples work - but nothing else (W2K)

    after installing tomcat 3.3 on w2k, I can connect to the examples context
    as described in the iis-how-to manual with http://localhost/examples/ and
    both Servlets and JSP run OK.

    But then I try to install a web application I have created and deployed with
    tomcat 3.3 on a Unix system - no way!

    From the installation on unix I know, that it's enough to create a new webapp
    directory inside the webapps folder, restart tomcat and the web server -
    and that works.

    Obviously I'm missing a step that happens automatically on the tomcat/unix/apache
    installation - but which one?

    The things I tried:
    - adding the context manually in the server.xml conf file
    - switching the uriworkermap.properties-auto to uriworkermap.properties
    in the iis_redirect.reg-auto file and adding the context there manually
    - adding a web.xml file to the WEB-INF directory (worked without on the unix)

    What else could I try?

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    Rich Hat Guest

    Re: Tomcat examples work - but nothing else (W2K)

    If I understand what you are saying correctly, you are creating a new folder
    in the webapps directory and placing the .war file there or somewhere else?

    Create the <yourwebappname>.war file and place it in the web server's webapps
    directory and restart tomcat. If the server's webapps directory already has
    a subdirectory of <yourwebappname>, the .war file will not be expanded since
    it is then assumed to already exist. The .war file will only be expanded
    by tomcat if that application's directory does not exist.

    One other point to note. I don't know if it is still true in Tomcat 3.3,
    but under 3.2, after the .war file is expanded, I had to restart Tomcat again
    in order for the application to start working.

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