I am by no means a web developer but currently find myself in a position where I need to be for a short time. I can cut and paste a free javascript with the best of them, but I have't written anything.

Here's my problem. I have 6 webcams on my network that all have static IP's and can ftp snapshots to a server of mine. My boss wants to take a snapshot every minute for an entire day. This is 1440 images! He wants to be able to view each new updated image on a website.

I was able to put all six images in a table in a webpage and have a meta tag refresh the page every 60 seconds. This works great when I'm only ftping one image for each camera and overwriting the file every minute. However, now I have 1440 images for each camera all with unique names (image_0001, image_0002, etc..). Is there a way to do this with javascript (or anything else) that can be implemented fairly easily?

Sorry for the long post.

Tim Russell