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    Darshana Guest

    java application

    Wednesday, March 29, 2000

    Dear Friends,

    I am Arline from Mumbai.

    Can you help me on some of my problems ?

    I want to desgn a Java Application.
    This Application should connect to any database using jdbcdbc bridge.
    * It should create a User Interface screen for data manipulation
    eg. create tables, insert , update, delete, retrieve, scroll to data etc.

    * It should validate data in each field eg. for if TextField is used to store
    numeric values, it should validate for -ve and zero values.
    * It should generate reports from database.

    I can create UI using grid layout,frame and Menu, execute sql statements,
    Display o/p on console.setText() does not set to TextField, giving nullPointer
    How to scroll through data ? How to display retrieved data on to screen?
    Also I want to create data entry screen dynamically, eg. I will provide
    x,y position of each field in table.

    Thanks !..

    Eagerly waiting your response !

    Mumbai, India

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    xxx Guest

    Re: java application

    refer sun.java.com

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    sfgs vsdfgvsdf Guest

    Re: java application

    "xxx" <darshana_sosa@123india.com> wrote:
    >refer sun.java.com


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