I want to show the AddressBook and get the selected id's in my VJ++
application using j/direct.

we have a function MAPIAddress in SDK

the function syntax is like this :

LHANDLE lhSession,
ULONG ulUIParam,
LPTSTR lpszCaption,
ULONG nEditFields,
LPTSTR lpszLabels,
ULONG nRecips,
lpMapiRecipDesc lpRecips,
FLAGS flFlags,
ULONG ulReserved,
LPULONG lpnNewRecips,
lpMapiRecipDesc FAR * lppNewRecips

how can I use this funciton in my VJ++ application?

can i convert this funciton like this in my java file...........
/** @dll.import("Mapi32") */
public static native int MAPIAddress(int i, int j, String s, int k, String
s1, int l, int i1, int j1,
int k1, int l1, int ai[]);

and i have created a structure type class in java like this for Recieps :
/**@dll.struct() */
public class Win32MapiRecipDesc


int nReserved;
int recipClass;
int name;
int address;
int EIDSize;
int pEntryID;

now what values i have to pass to that function to invoke corresponding
native method?
especially for the "int lpRecips" ( 7th parameter).
int lpnNewRecips (10th parameter)
int[] lppNewRecips ( 11th parameter)

Could anyone please clarify my doubt.