Hi ,

I am doing an online shopping application using servlets....the user is
displayed with a webpage where all the products and their prices are retrieved
from the database and are displayed in a HTML form (table)..

each item has a checkbox infront of it..the user can select the corresponding
check box to select the item,,the products and also the check boxes are generated
out.println stmts and rs.getXX methods...and are printed on to the table.(webpage)...so
once the user selects a few checkboxes the form is then submitted to another
servlet....(this servlet has to trap all the products, and their prices...which
are selected by the user and should calculate the total of the prices and
then should it print it..) thats is the functionality, but then I am not
able to generate the logic to trap the products selected by the user...could
anyone pls help me if u have any idea about the problem....thanks in advance..