I have 2 jsps and one bean file,to explain properly I have
created one CreateForm.jsp,one Company.java which is a bean
and a RetrieveForm Data.jsp
Now What happens if I enter anything into CreateForm.jsp
the data must be processed in the bean class ie: Company.java
and sent to Retrieve.jsp for display.
I have correctly written both my jsp files and Have compiled
my Company.java file.Also since I am using Javawebserver2.0 on
Windows 98 version.
I have stored my both jsp files on
JavaWebserver2.0\public_html directory. Please tell where Should
I store my Company.class file which is a bean file.

Or is there any ammendment I must make in my Java Web Server2.0
so that there is a communication between all 3 files.
ie : firstly between my create.jsp and bean secondly between
my bean and Retrieve.jsp.

If there are any settings to ve modified in any of the directory
please let me know step wise urgently.