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    Newbie needs help with images

    Please make alowences as i am new to java (very new) I have a flash page in which the images move based on the x coordanate of the mouse (Flash version here). I would like to do the same on a page using java and have found a script that links an image to the mouse but i dont know how to change the values in it to a pecentage.

    At the moment it offsets the image by a pixcel value (That i can change) but if i put a % sing in it doesnt evan display the image. Any help would be good, check out the above link to see what im on about.

    Many thanks in advance


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    you are talking about javascript. this is a java forum. there is a difference between them.
    if the offset is defined within javascript, you can't use %. you will have to convert pixels to percentace and vice versa by calculating it. use the rule of proportion for that.

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