I'm in the process of developing an intranet site that will use ASP on the
front end, Java Objects as the "middle tier" to retrieve/save/manipulate
data, and SQLServer 7.0 as the backend database. All running on NT 4.0 with
IIS 4.0. I am experienced in working with Oracle 8i and JSP, not with SQLServer
7.0 and ASP, so forgive me if this question is somewhat dumb.

Since Oracle comes with it's own JVM, JDBC driver, and Transaction Server,
a programmer is NOT required to develop multi-threaded capable Java objects
to call/save data back to Oracle. Oracle handled all that behind the scenes.
I will be purchasing a Type IV JDBC driver in the near future. What I am
NOT clear on is whether I will need to develop my Java objects as multi-threaded
capable objects, around my Type IV JDBC driver, or can I find some Type IV
drivers for SQLServer that will relieve me of having to do this, as Oracle
does. Thanks in advance for any advice/insight into this subject.