I have a really static (update 1/month) and very old IDMS Db that I am
planning to dump and generate 230k files of XML each XML file will
map to exactly one employee.

Planning on using a servlets/jsp's to format the XML into HTML and/or
PDF. The XML will also be used as a data source for a complementary
servlet. I like this solution because of the static nature of the data,
as well as the our load expectations of everyone wanting a look the
first week and trailing off to very low load afterwards

My only fear is the sheer volume of these employee files each filename
contains the a primary key (employee number). Not sure of the hardware
yet but probably OS/390 running Websphere 3.02 possibly Unix though.....

Number of files a problem?

Should I create the HTML dynamically or ahead of time? If I do it ahead
I am storing 460k files because the data needs to be available to the
complementary servlet in XML format......

Appreciate any help.......