<grovel> I thought hard about which forum to post this to. Announcements
looks to much like the classifieds, so i hope it's o.k. to put this here, as
it is about getting started with Java. And if this is against any newsgroup
rules, I'm really sorry. This is not meant to be obnoxious in any way.

I am a VB developer who is exploring moving to Java (and JBuilder). I have
not found any resources that compare the two directly, so I am documenting
what I am learning on a web site.

I have put in there links to articles of interest, newsgroups/forums that
I'm watching, etc.

I am writing notes on what it feels like to use the JBuilder IDE compared
to VB, to code in Java vs. VB and to work with Data vs. ADO.

At the same time, I am looking at dotNet and will put some info in here as
well, but of course there are a billion (much more well-informed) resources
for that information.

I imagine that there are a bunch of us out there, so if this information can
be of any help to anyone... it's at:


Disclaimers #1) this is not commercial in any way at all
#2) I am not using this website to rant against anyone
(or any company or any technology)
#3) I am not the end-all be all source of VB or Java
information (far from it!!!)
It is what it is!

Julia Lerman