RAM is available in the units of 64Mb or 128Mb. The user may choose either
64Mb or 128Mb or 192Mb or 256Mb as the total RAM for the PC Box. Any other
value entered by the user is not to be accepted. If the user requires 192Mb
to RAM then three units of 64Mb must be used. If the user requires 256Mb
total RAM then two units of 128Mb must be used. If the total RAM chosen by
the user is either 64Mb or 128Mb then a single unit of the appropriate size
must be used. The price of RAM is calculated at the rate of Dhs 200 per

1.2.Define a sub class called RAM that will extend Hardware.
This class will have additional private data member called size.

A non-default constructor that will get the value of size as a parameter

and set its value accordingly.

Override the method calcPrice() so that the price of RAM is calculated
as per the guideline given earlier (i.e. for every 64Mb, Dhs 200 will be