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    rogue Guest

    reading information from i-net address - pls, URGENT

    hi all!
    I have to do a Java applet which:
    1. connects to a given i-net address
    2. reads (parsing) HTML-file
    3. search given words in html code
    4. displaying results
    I am not experienced in network programming and I have many questions, for
    1. can U give me locations in i-net with sample codes
    2. do I need to make it as application(as far as I know, an applet cannot
    access other i-net resourses)?
    3. how to open/read a distant html sourse code?
    thanks for ANY kind of help; I must do it in next 3-4 days.
    // excuse my English

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    John Zukowski Guest

    Re: reading information from i-net address - pls, URGENT

    If you want to do this from an applet, you'll have to sign the code and the
    user will need to trust you.

    To read from the net, just create a URL, and get the input stream from it.


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