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    Tariq Ayad Guest

    Help: Seemless Component integration


    i need to develop an application whose features are able to grow as new components
    are developed.
    That is to say there should be seemless integration of the new component
    with the existing application.
    Could you please tell me how to achieve this integration?

    To illustrate the sittuation let me for example take a generic instant messaging
    Now supposing a new feature has been released the client should automatically
    download only the
    new component and integrate it with the current application.

    p.s. each component could possibly be a single class

    e/m : tariq@omnibis.com
    e/m2: ataqer@yahoo.com

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    MarkN Guest

    Re: Help: Seemless Component integration

    Interfaces and Java WebStart.

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    tarz Guest

    Re: Help: Seemless Component integration

    Care to elaborate?

    Do you mean to say that the client will be able to download the latest code
    or class etc using java webstart, how ever the code on the bean implements
    the interfaces define in your client? (this doesnt make sense to me as well)

    Please could you kidly elaborate what you said?

    "MarkN" <mnuttall@nospam.com> wrote in message
    > Interfaces and Java WebStart.

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