I haven't had much call to work with Java, and therefore haven't kept up
with the very small footprint lightweight single-user database options. I
have an app written in .NET which uses OleDB against the JET4.0 provider,
which is giving very good response times, sub-second against a table of >
4 million rows. But someone has asked me for a Java port that would run
on the Macintosh and I don't know what to say at this point. One of the
strengths of the Oledb/JET combination is the support for SQL, which
spared me a considerable amount of coding. Are there any lightweight,
very easy-to-deploy databases available for Java that have true SQL
support? By "lightweight" I mean a deployment package of a few hundred
kilobytes and no need to start a background database service on the
end-user's machine. SQL support is a must.
Tim Romano