hi all,

i'd like some tips before to code the server part of a WebService (i use
apache/tomcat, SOAP 2.2, and java for the code)

i want to create a webservice where : the server part creates a session to
2 databases (so one session per DB) and keep them alive (so i think i should
use session scope in my DeploymentDescriptor but that's the only thing i
know about it).

then the client part of the web service, thanks to parameters, will have
the choice between DB1 and DB2 (so session1 and session2)

First of all, is it doable ?

then could you tell me the main things i should know to create and keep alive
those 2 sessions ? (because i only made for the moment a simple webservice
with a client's request, and anwser and then everything is closed), so a
brief summary of persistant session or a link to any doc would be appreciated

Elise who whe hates WebServices